Dr. Mead graduated with honors from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Dr. Mead also received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology.  In addition to practicing dentistry full time, Dr. Mead has been a part-time faculty member at both Loma Linda University Dental School and University of Kentucky Dental School, Lexington.  Dr. Mead has taught various dental courses including Anatomy and Physiology at Mohave Community College, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Dr. Mead was also one of the first General Dentists licensed to perform conscious sedation in the state of Arizona.

Dr. Mead has always been intensely interested in science and art which naturally led him to a field of dentistry.  Dentistry allows Dr. Mead to use his knowledge of science and artistry together.  He has continued his love of art outside of dentistry exploring many forms including his favorite which is sculpture.  Dr. Mead has created many sculptures in both bronze and stone including the life size Sculpture of C. V. Wood and Robert McCulloch (city founders) displayed at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  A project directed by local artist,  Lou Hunt, on which he assisted.

Dr. Mead has numerous other interests including music, boating and flying. Dr.Mead is passionate about continuing his education in ancient world history, science, technology, philosophy and comparative religion. He will be married  to his wife Patty Mead (Mohave County Public Health Director) for thirty years in 2015.  They have two adult children and six beautiful grandchildren they enjoy spending time with.